Kena Renee

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Kena Renee is a sales coach and sales consultant with 17 years of successful experience in the sales industry. She began her sales career at just 16 years old and fell in love with the thrill of the sale and the grind of prospecting. Kena has been involved in everything from cold calling, script writing, account executive sales, door to door sales, business to business sales, and business to consumer sales, incentive planning, sales cultural shifts, sales leadership, sales coaching and executive leadership. In addition, Kena has worked alongside entrepreneurs for 10 years supporting them in building and expanding their ideas and businesses. She has worked with software executives, celebrities, producers, and much more. It is her desire to provide a platform that will pass down relevant and actionable information to take an aspiring business owner to a successful business owner.

Prospecting Is Queen  Entrepreneur's Guide: Will be a show for aspiring business owner's and existing business owners to learn new and powerful information that will help them get from whatever step they are on today to the next phase of their business. We will cover start-up must knows, marketing and sales strategies, money management, investments, consulting, exit strategies,  personal development and much more! 

2 Things you will hear people say about me
1). I love God
2). I have heart
When I’m not on-air I’m usually: Working or taking care of my beautiful children. 
First thing I notice on a person is : Their eyes
In my car you will always find: Car seats Lol.
Secret Obsession(s): I looooooove the smell of the cool stuff that comes out of the freezer.
Fave place to shop:
I Love: BCBG 
I Hate: Dress Barn
Fav Tv Shows: Jane the Virgin
Ghetto Meal: Uuuum I don’t have one. LOL!
Fav Concert in the last 3 years: I’ve only been to one concert.
1 thing you probably didnt know about me:  I’m a pretty good dancer